About Vision Specialists

At Vision Specialists we are obsessed with creating a unique eye care experience with an emphasis on Simple, Modern, Eye Care.

Simple Insurance: It all starts with simplifying your insurance. We are passionate about helping you maximize every dollar of the benefits you are entitled to. Our doctors will provide simple, clear recommendations specific to you and your prescription to insure you have the clearest vision possible.

Modern Exam: We use latest technology to reduce or eliminate the parts of the exam that patients dread. As an example, most of our exams require no eyedrops, no dilation, no puff of air test, and minimal questioning of which is better 1 vs. 2. A modern exam with the latest technology is uniquely thorough and efficient.

Simple & Modern Retail: Our offices are uniquely modern with design focused on merging the cool elements of the Apple Store with the warm wood tones of Starbucks. We exist to create an experience for you that is so simple and modern it is different in every way, so we designed an office that's never existed in the world until today.

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